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Half of Obesity Hidden from Medical Care

November 3, 2016 — From two separate studies presented in New Orleans at ObesityWeek, researchers find roughly half of obesity hidden from medical care. Starting with that fact, perhaps we should not be surprised that so few people receive evidence-based obesity care. On Wednesday, Barto Burguera and colleagues presented a study of more than 300,000 electronic health records at […]

Weight Shaming Falls as Medical View of Obesity Grows

November 2, 2016 — New research to be presented at ObesityWeek 2016 indicates that weight shaming may be easing a bit. At the same time, the public increasingly understands that obesity is a medical condition. Between 2013 and 2016, public perception of obesity as a “personal problem of bad choices” has dropped from 44% to 34%. On top of that, […]

Influence for Change in Obesity

January 28, 2016 — Change in obesity policy and the epidemic itself has been painfully slow for decades. But a growing collection of influential voices in social media are working for more positive steps to improve the lives of people with obesity and reduce the impact of this epidemic. ConscienHealth is fortunate to be one of the top 20 influencers identified […]

Everything in Moderation?

November 14, 2015 — Dietary advice commonly calls for eating a variety of everything in moderation. But like a lot of dietary aphorisms, it seems that dietary variety might be a little overrated. A new study in PLOS ONE finds that greater dietary variety is actually associated with a higher waist circumference. The authors concluded that it is dietary quality, not […]

1,000 Thanks for Inviting ConscienHealth to Your Inbox

August 31, 2015 — Today we’ve passed a big milestone with more than a thousand of you who care about obesity. You have pushed us past the mark of 1,000 subscribers inviting ConscienHealth into your inbox every morning. We regularly reach about 15,000 readers with news and observations about obesity, health, and related policy concerns. More than 16,000 people like us […]

Buzzed to Get Up

July 5, 2015 — Anyone who has been paying attention has a pretty good idea that sitting around in front of a computer screen or just sitting at a desk isn’t so good for their health. But what are you going to do about it? That’s simple — just get up and move around every hour. Okay, but honestly […]

Miracle Nuts

June 15, 2015 — We’ve been treated this week to a remarkable assortment of headlines proclaiming that just half a handful of nuts can save us all from an early death. Nut marketers rejoice! This joyous news comes from an observational study in the International Journal of Epidemiology that neglects to discuss the limitations of this study’s observational design […]

Giving Voice to People Living with Obesity

May 2, 2015 — Giving voice to people living with obesity is a theme that is running through the Fourth Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto. On every day of the meeting, people living with obesity have been playing an active and visible role in the agenda presenting personal reflections, presenting their own research, and giving interviews to media attending […]

Less Blame and Shame in Canada?

May 1, 2015 — Could it be that Canada is on its way to finding a less stigmatized path for addressing obesity? At the Fourth Canadian Obesity Summit, they are certainly working on it. New data presented here suggest that Canadians, especially French-speaking Canadians, may be ready for it. ConscienHealth founder Ted Kyle and colleagues studied how the public and healthcare professionals view […]

Reaching Beyond Bias and Presumptions

April 18, 2015 — The opening day of the 2015 Weight Management DPG Symposium found dietitians reaching beyond bias and presumptions about obesity. This meeting is a gem that brings together the top dietitians in the country who focus upon weight management, thanks to the hard work of the Weight Management Dietary Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and […]