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Resilience May Come from Listening to Your Body

January 16, 2016 — Some fascinating brain research just published in Biological Psychology provides evidence for the supposition that resilience to stress may result from how well you listen to your body. Lori Haase and colleagues studied individuals with different degrees of resilience to stress. They evaluated brain function during and after a stressful situation. Through functional MRIs, they […]

Is Bariatric Surgery Really Brain Surgery?

November 28, 2015 — Years ago, the concept of metabolic surgery started wedging itself into the realm of bariatric surgery. While it’s absurd to say that a gastric bypass is brain surgery, a steady stream of research on the neuroscience of bariatric surgery certainly raises a key question: does this surgery modify the nervous system as much as much as the gastrointestinal system? […]

Contrasts Between Food Addiction and Drug Addiction

November 15, 2015 — Food addiction continues to be a slippery concept, but one that has tremendous popular appeal. Some individuals with obesity are steadfast in their convictions that addiction to particular foods plays the a key role in their in their condition. However, objective evidence for addictive disorders in obesity has been elusive. In Progress in Brain Research, […]

ObesityWeek 2015: Top Ten to Take Home

November 8, 2015 — Gee whiz, our brains are full. After a week of listening and learning from the smartest people in the world about obesity, we all need some time to it take home from ObesityWeek 2015 and just digest it. But while you’re digesting, here are some things to reflect upon. Brain Drain & Gain. The neuroscience presented at this […]

Brain Stimulation and Appetite Reduction

November 7, 2015 — The closing day of ObesityWeek did not disappoint, right up to the very end of the day. A symposium on brain science was one of more than a dozen sessions that left us with impossible choices in the last three hours Friday. This symposium was an outstanding follow-up to the paper presented by Marci Gluck on […]

Taking Your Brain Off the Hook for Weight Management

October 10, 2015 — A growing body of neuroscience research makes it clear that your brain is at war with itself when you try to reduce your weight through changes in eating and physical activity. Relying too much on the limited capacity of your brain’s executive functions for rational decision making can be a mistake. It is easily overwhelmed by […]

Relating Obesity to Brain Health

September 24, 2015 — Is obesity a neurologic or a metabolic disease? Truthfully it’s a condition that defies tidy definitions, perhaps because it comes in many different forms. But in the past few weeks, we’ve been treated to a stream of new studies that relate obesity to brain health. A new study in Molecular Psychiatry found a significant risk […]

Suppressing the Brain’s Response to Food Cues

September 11, 2015 — A heightened response to the food cues that surround us is one of the ways that our brains protect us from starving, losing weight, or staying at a reduced weight. When you’re hungry, images of food capture your brain’s attention, look more appealing, and get in the way of focusing on anything else. So a […]

Three Reasons Weight Loss Fails

August 31, 2015 — In case you haven’t noticed, most people who try to lose significant amounts of weight through sheer force of will inevitably gain it back. Weight loss fails not because of a failure of willpower. It fails because your brain works so well to regulate your weight and protect you from the existential threat of weight […]

How Your Brain Controls Your Weight

August 15, 2015 — Randy Seeley opened the educational program for the fourth annual Your Weight Matters National Convention by diving into neuroscience on Friday. With exceptional clarity, he explained how your brain controls your weight — just like it controls your body temperature and your breathing. And just as you can temporarily stop your breathing for only a short […]