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Patient-Centered Puffery Meets Reality in Obesity Care

August 25, 2016 — Patient-centered puffery rules the day in health policy jargon right now. Patient-centered medical homes are all the rage. But they’re falling short of delivering a panacea for primary care. Consumer-driven health plans are popular with many employers as a means to bring consumers into healthcare decision making. The reality has involved a lot of cost shifting and […]

Courtesy and Respect in Air Travel

January 19, 2016 — Geico has fun in commercials with the catchphrase “when pigs fly.” But according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, flying pigs — as service animals — are not so rarified. Reporter Elizabeth Bloom describes flying over the holidays with a pig named Hamlet as a fellow traveler. What is striking about this story is the degree of courtesy and respect that […]

Obesity Back on Top Among Health Concerns

December 4, 2015 — Remember Ebola? That was so 2014. But with that problem solved, Americans are turning their attention back to obesity, which is again at the top of the list of the most urgent health concerns for adults in the U.S. This insight comes to us courtesy of the Gallup Organization, which has been polling the public about their […]

27 States Flaunting ACA Ban on Healthcare Discrimination

November 23, 2015 — Five major medical groups have filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, charging 27 states with  healthcare discrimination that violates the Affordable Care Act. They cite denial of access to surgical care for obesity that discriminates against people based on pre-existing conditions, disabilities, and gender. All […]

Fat Shaming Is Down, But Weight Bias Persists

November 6, 2015 — A new study presented today at ObesityWeek in Los Angeles provides a bit of good news and a bit of bad news about bias against people living with the disease of obesity. Data from research with more than 70,000 U.S. adults beginning in 2013 suggests that “the public increasingly understands that obesity is more complicated than simplistic […]

The Obesity Disconnect Between Patients and Clinicians

November 6, 2015 — A team of leading obesity experts and advocates for people with obesity are presenting qualitative research today at ObesityWeek that suggests a profound disconnect between people with obesity and their healthcare providers. While clinicians see obesity through a lens of health and disease, people with obesity see it more through a lens of lifestyle and social relationships. […]

Covering Obesity in Health Plans?

November 5, 2015 — Presenting new data at ObesityWeek 2015, Obesity Action Coalition Chairman Ted Kyle said Wednesday that roughly three-quarters of consumers report their health plans are not covering obesity care. He told Endocrinology Advisor: These findings are a wake-up call because without coverage for evidence-based obesity treatment, people are delaying medical care until they have complications that […]

Dr. Ken: Walking Away from Fat Shaming for Laughs

September 10, 2015 — In a quick, but piecemeal response to the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), ABC removed fat shaming content from a comedy series called Dr. Ken that is set to premier in October, starring Ken Jeong. In a promotional trailer for the series, Jeong was shown examining a patient with obesity. When the patient asked for his diagnosis, Jeong — who […]

Stars of the Obesity Action Coalition

August 16, 2015 — Some of the stars of the Obesity Action Coalition really shined last night at the closing ceremonies for the national Your Weight Matters 2015 annual meeting. Fourteen individuals and organizations were called out for special recognition in their work to help the OAC deliver education, advocacy, and support for people everywhere affected by obesity. Justin Puckett, […]

How Your Brain Controls Your Weight

August 15, 2015 — Randy Seeley opened the educational program for the fourth annual Your Weight Matters National Convention by diving into neuroscience on Friday. With exceptional clarity, he explained how your brain controls your weight — just like it controls your body temperature and your breathing. And just as you can temporarily stop your breathing for only a short […]