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Airline Seating Policies Cause Confusion and Embarrassment

April 13, 2010 — From Your Weight Matters magazine, Spring, 2010: Being forced to purchase a second seat is a no-win situation in many ways for fliers who have obesity. Airline policies on this subject are discriminatory, confusing, shame-inducing and costly. But how will you even know if you must buy another seat?

Weighty Matters, A First-Ever Program with the National Eating Disorder Association and STOP Obesity Alliance

April 2, 2010 — Pace University, New York, NY. The “Weighty Matters” roundtable was a first ever collaboration between the National Eating Disorders Association and STOP Obesity Alliance. The program panel, which consisted of experts and leaders from the media, communications, eating disorder and obesity fields, addressed current perception, dialogue and images in media and entertainment which may be […]