Twice in One Month: FDA Approves Another Obesity Treatment

July 18, 2012 — After more than a decade of denying approval for every prescription obesity treatment that came to them for review, the FDA has approved the second new product in less than a month. Qsymia, formerly known as QNEXA, is a controlled-release formulation of two drugs already approved for other uses, phentermine and topiramate. Medical experts in obesity are particularly interested in this approval because the synergistic effects of the two ingredients appear to yield good results for patients with obesity. Though clinical results are encouraging, Qsymia can have undesired effects, such as birth defects, increased heart rate, or impaired memory or concentration. Sustained benefits will require significant effort from the patient as well as ongoing medical care. Read the story in the Washington Post here.

Dr. Patrick O’Neil, president of the Obesity Society, speaking on behalf of the Obesity Care Continuum, said of the approval: "This is a tremendous step forward in addressing our most pressing health problem. Healthcare professionals now have a new option to help their patients affected by obesity manage this chronic condition. We are happy to see this latest evidence that the FDA is joining the effort to treat obesity seriously." Read the press release from the Obesity Care Continuum here.