Job Discrimination Against People with Obesity No Longer Okay

October 5, 2012 — With two major wins under its belt this summer, the EEOC is effectively upholding the amendment passed by Congress last year to the Americans with Disabilities Act protecting people who are more than 100% overweight for the normal weight range for their height from workplace discrimination. In an article published today, the Huffington Post maintains that with the number of Americans defined as having excess weight or obesity, the courts will be facing a lot more cases like this.

And while some people affected by excess weight or obesity don’t like having it classified as a disability, the amendment will make it necessary for employers to re-think the way they deal with this segment of the population. According to the general counsel of the EEOC, David Lopez, All people with a disability who are qualified for their position are protected from unlawful discrimination. Severe obesity is no exception. It is important for employers to realize that stereotypes, myths, and biases … should not be the basis of employment decisions.”

You can read the Huffington Post story here.