OAC Claims Power Over Obesity in Dallas

October 27, 2012 — Opening the first ever OAC National Convention in Dallas, leaders of the Obesity Action Coalition encouraged more than 250 people in this historic meeting to take power over obesity. The opening session featured:

  • Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO
  • Pam Davis, OAC Board Chair
  • Robert Kushner, Program Co-chair
  • Lloyd Stegemann, Program Co-chair
  • Amber Huett, OAC Convention Chair

Kushner set the tone for exploration, discovery, and empowerment by explaining how the usual view of obesity, as a simple matter of personal responsibility, ignores overwhelming evidence for the biology, genetics, and social factors that drive this disease.

Nadglowski, Davis, and Stegemann expanded on this theme by urging attendees to explore and discover all the expertise that the faculty of 37 national obesity experts brought to this meeting. Davis brought notable passion to the opening with her personal account of how obesity affected her life from an early age, and how she claimed power over the disease by finding effective treatment.

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See slides from the opening session here.