Bias and Denial Block Progress Against Obesity

October 25, 2012 — In the Huffington Post, clinical nutritionist and author Kelly Dorfman says it can be hard to talk to about obesity because people who have extra weight or obesity often have such "emotionally volatile views about their excess weight." Though Dorfman admits that’s not surprising given that many people with the condition face hard-to-overcome obstacles such as discrimination in the workplace and rude remarks that keep them from taking action to secure their health.

Another obstacle is denial on the part of the sufferers, who don’t necessarily believe they have excess weight or obesity. Dorfman suggests that the best way to improve the lives of people with extra weight is to end what she calls "weightism," the prejudice against those who carry extra weight. That prejudice only leads to denial and blocks progress. "The conversation I would like to have about obesity," Dorfman says, "is about acceptance and being kind to each other." 

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