7-Eleven Trying Healthier Options

Convenience store 7-Eleven has announced plans to expand healthier food options in its network of stores. According to 7-Eleven, they are responding not only to trends in the market, which have shown consumers to be much more open to healthy food choices, they are making a smart business decision given that margins on fresher, more natural foods are significantly higher than they are on chips and snacks. 7-Eleven is also facing declining sales from one of its main staples, cigarettes. The retailer is aiming for 20% of its in-store selections to be healthy foods by 2015.

“We’re working to create a portfolio of fresh foods,” said Anne Readhimer, senior director of fresh food innovation at 7-Eleven. “Some will be for snacking, some for a quick meal, but we hope everything we offer our guests is convenient and tasty.” One choice that has already been rolled out is the Bistro Snack Protein Pack, which offers pita rounds, hummus, celery, grapes, and baby carrots. 7-Eleven is not abandoning its sweet spot, though. They will continue to carry sweet and salty snacks, though at least some of them will be downsized so that consumers can get what they want, but in smaller sizes.

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White Grapes Image © Samir Budimčić / Wikimedia Commons