Creativity Needed to Drive Change in Obesity

Companies, organizations, and individuals looking to make a positive change in a complex and deeply entrenched disease like obesity should consider more innovative techniques and messaging solutions, says Chris Waugh, director and co-founder of design innovation consultancy IDEO.

Talking about the health risks of obesity can help build awareness, but leave people feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. What’s worse, talking about risks doesn’t lead to solutions. Waugh offers a number of unique ways to tackle the problem borrowed from the desigh world, including  “Start Scrappy,” “Change the Decision,” and “Don’t Lead with Health.” According to Waugh, “Design thinking is starting with people first and not worrying about whether the solution is feasible. It’s meeting people where they are and inspiring them.” If you’re worried about trying to change attitudes, don’t be. “Doing is believing,” says Waugh.

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Boy’s Face Image © Wilfredor / Wikimedia Commons.