Pushing to Add Calorie Info at Grocers

In a recently issued report, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) published data supporting the need and practicality of posting nutrition information for prepared food sold in grocery and convenience stores under previsions of the Affordable Care Act. Restaurants, including fast food outlets, are already moving ahead with this requirement.

In an analysis of the feasibility of top grocers to provide calorie information, CSPI found that 78% already have access to a dietitian on staff, which makes computing the caloric content of foods very straightforward. CSPI also pointed out the similarities between grocery stores and restaurants, which are required to follow the Affordable Care Act ruling and post calories. Both sell ready-to-eat hot food, both have bakeries, hot food bars, salad bars, and tables for eating. In addition, Americans have indicated by a 4 to 1 margin that they would like to have calorie information posted for prepared foods in their favorite grocery stores. Almost as many among those surveyed say they’d like it in a convenience store as well. However, the restaurant and convenience store industry continues to lobby to be exempted.

Click here to read the CSPI report, here to read CSPI’s press release on the subject, and here to read about the proposed FDA rules in the LA Times.

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