Obesity Action Coalition – The Essential Partner for Progress

In an article posted on the Obesity Action Coalition website today, ConscienHealth Founder and OAC Vice-Chair Ted Kyle explains why the Obesity Action Coalition is an essential partner for progress in obesity.

A little more than seven years ago, people affected by obesity could not speak with a unified voice to policy makers. When a legislator pointed that out, he inadvertently planted the seed for the Obesity Action Coalition. In 2005, the Obesity Action Coalition was formed as a 501(c)3 charity to become the voice for people affected by obesity, with a mission to elevate and empower through education, advocacy, and support.

For anyone concerned about obesity, it’s pretty obvious that the response to obesity is based more on bias than evidence. Discrimination against people with obesity is pervasive and rooted in a widespread and mistaken conviction that obesity is a condition of choice. As Al Roker pointed out in talking about his own experiences, ““I think it’s the last bastion of being able to be intolerant. People who would never think of dealing in racial or sexual stereotypes will still throw in a fat joke because it’s still OK. Really?”

Click here to read more on the Obesity Action Coalition website. And while you’re there, join more than 35,000 other members who, by their membership, give voice to everyone affected by obesity.