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Juice Cleanses: Not Healthy, Not Virtuous, Just Expensive

November 22, 2013 — Juices have become a five billion dollar business that pretends to promote health, free of any evidence. People who should know better promote “juice cleanses” whose sole benefits are likely an economic jolt for those who peddle them and a cathartic sense of virtue for those who use them. Did we mention that adherents like […]

Lululemon Founder (Unwittingly) Proves Weight Bias Hurts

November 21, 2013 — Lululemon founder Chip Wilson unwittingly proved this week that weight bias hurts. Responding to criticisms of his trademark pants, he put the blame squarely on customers, saying “some women’s bodies just don’t work” for them. Now Lululemon’s stock is down almost 10%. Ouch. Wilson didn’t help the situation when he issued a non-apology. He said […]

Three Reasons “Get Tough” Backfires

November 20, 2013 — New data presented at Obesity Week adds to the evidence that a naive “get tough” approach to obesity backfires. Scolding, judging, or lecturing patients with obesity leads people with obesity to: Change doctors Avoid healthcare But not to achieve a healthier weight   Kimberly Gudzune and colleagues at Johns Hopkins won special recognition from the […]

Worst Headline Ever: “Get Tough with Patients”

November 19, 2013 — The award for the worst headline of the week goes to the AP. It seems that the AP believes that the main point of new obesity treatment guidelines published by the Obesity Society, the American Heart Association, and the American College of Cardiology is that doctors need to beat up on their patients with obesity. […]

Five Groups That Understand Obesity Is More Than Personal

November 18, 2013 — Obesity is more than personal — it’s a medical problem and a community problem. Progress toward more evidence-based approaches to obesity is often hampered by convictions that obesity is a simple personal problem of bad choices. To shed light on perspectives of the public and healthcare professionals about obesity, ConscienHealth founder Ted Kyle and colleagues […]

Seven Closing Takeaways from Obesity Week 2013

November 17, 2013 — Now that everyone has hit the exits from Atlanta and returned to their favorite pillows, here are seven closing highlights from Obesity Week 2013. This has been a big, diverse meeting, full of energy. Media coverage has been extraordinary. The team working behind the curtain on all of the logistics made it seem remarkably smooth, […]

Two Reasons for People-First Language in Obesity

November 16, 2013 — Weight bias studies presented at Obesity Week 2013 by ConscienHealth founder Ted Kyle and colleagues provide two reasons for people-first language in obesity. People-first language is an indication of less explicit weight bias. People with obesity find people-first language more acceptable from their doctors. Kyle presented two studies of weight bias and people-first language that led […]

Three Highlights of Thursday at Obesity Week 2013

November 15, 2013 — Thursday at Obesity Week 2013, the energy and buzz around this landmark meeting made it unmistakable that this new meeting was more than the sum of the two meetings that came before it. Registration totals announced at the Obesity Society business meeting — still preliminary — have topped 4,600, helping to make this point clear. […]

Four Highlights of Wednesday at Obesity Week 2013

November 14, 2013 — Highlights of Wednesday at Obesity Week 2013 defy an authoritative count, because the rich agenda was overflowing with them as the meeting opened up in full force. With that disclaimer, here are four that compelled our interest: Long-Term Obesity Surgery Outcomes. Among the top 10 papers presented to ASMBS were two studies of long-term outcomes from […]

Wellness Programs for Bottom Lines, Employees Not So Much

November 13, 2013 — Employer-sponsored wellness programs are sprouting up throughout corporate America with the goal to get employees healthier and drive down the cost of health benefits. But how helpful are these programs? A new study presented today at Obesity Week found that wellness programs are commonly setting weight goals for employees, but most often they are paired […]