OAC: Building a Strong Voice

Nine years ago, before the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) formed, people with obesity had no voice in health policy to address obesity. Work on obesity treatment was slowing to a standstill and many efforts to address obesity did more to stigmatize people with obesity than to improve our health. Today, thanks to the OAC, the situation has changed dramatically.

New treatments are available for the first time in more than a decade. More are coming. Health policy to address policy is growing more helpful. And weight bias, though still too common, is increasingly recognized and called out as a problem.

OAC Membership GrowthThis past week, leadership of the Obesity Action Coalition completed its annual strategic review and planning retreat near OAC headquarters in Florida. Outgoing OAC Chair Pam Davis led the organization through a time of remarkable growth. Both the accomplishments and the membership of OAC grew tremendously under Davis. In a recent interview, Davis credited the passion of the two chairs who came before her, Jaime Fivecoat and Barbara Thompson, for the OAC’s strong foundation.

Looking toward the year ahead, incoming OAC Chair Ted Kyle says:

I believe the extraordinary staff and membership of the OAC will continue to build our community of support, empowerment, and advocacy. OAC will play a vital role in assuring full access to the full range of evidence-based treatment for obesity in our rapidly changing healthcare system. We will make measurable progress toward eliminating the scourge of weight bias, so that the public in general and healthcare professionals specifically will know that fat shaming is reprehensible.

Click here to read more about what lies ahead for OAC in 2014, and click here for information on YWM2014, the OAC National Convention. Special rates for room reservations will open this week. Mark your calendar and reserve your room!

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