Groundbreaking Study: Obesity Causes Sugar Consumption

The largest and most rigorous meta-analysis ever conducted on obesity and sugar consumption has stunned obesity experts with the finding that obesity causes sugar consumption.

“We’ve known this all along,” said Darren Sweet of the American Sugar Producers (ASP). “But we also knew that our motives for sharing this information would be questioned and no one would listen anyway.”

Allen Davison and a team of researchers from the University of Washington and Brenda Lee conducted a sophisticated analysis utilizing data from 9,876 subjects in 97 studies of dietary patterns to unearth this finding. Said Davison, “Only by setting aside preconceived notions about causality could we discern what was really going on with the considerable data that has accumulated on this subject.”

Ludwig Popovitch of the Healthy America Research and Policy Institute was quick to respond to this new paradigm. “The implications for America’s health are dire,” he said. “We must act now to tax obesity and bring sugar consumption under control.”

None of this surprises us at ConscienHealth.

Click here to read more in USA Today and  here to read the study itself in the Huffington Journal of Medicine.

Cafe Responsable, photograph © SantiMB / flickr

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