TV Kills Our Soul

TV Kills

“TV kills” is the best sound byte from an abundant crop of creative causality science reporting this week. The runners up are:

  1. Napping Causes Dementia
  2. Fizzy Drinks Cause Breast Cancer
  3. Smartphone Apps Cause STDs

The winning headline was sparked by a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association that does more to raise questions than provide answers. The link between sitting time and premature death is pretty well established. What’s needed is novel research to provide more understanding of what causes this link and what interventions can reduce the risk.

This study does none of that. Instead, it provides more detailed information on the link between specific behaviors and mortality. In their data, the investigators find no link with mortality for computer use or driving time. They only find a link to TV viewing time. The authors conclude that more research is needed to sort this out.

Creative headline writers feel no such need. They know just what to conclude from this research.

“TV kills.”

Click here to read more in the New York Times and here to read the study. Click here, here, and here to read about the runners up.

TV Kills Our Soul, photograph © Esteban / flickr

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