Listen: Reeger Cortell and Ted Kyle re. Obesity Meds

Reeger CortellReeger Cortell is a remarkable family nurse practitioner who — quite literally in her spare time — regularly produces an extraordinary podcast with people who describe their experiences and expertise related to obesity and bariatric surgery.

It’s hard to believe that she produces this inspiring podcast with such a high standard of quality while working full time as Clinical Director for the Southern Oregon Bariatric Center. But she does.

In just a little more than a year, she has produced over 40 podcasts — reviews of important ideas, interviews with experts and advocates, and personal stories of people who have had surgery for obesity.

Her goal and her inspiration are clear. She is reaching out to people who have had bariatric surgery, are preparing for it, or are considering it. She is working to deliver evidence-based information that meets the needs of these people where they live.

Her latest podcast, an interview with ConscienHealth founder Ted Kyle, can be found here. The subject of that particular podcast is new obesity medications. But on the site, you can find a rich archive of podcasts going all the way back to episode 000.

Thank you, Reeger Cortell, for devoting your precious energy and time to helping and advocating for people affected by obesity. You and others like you will make a critical difference in our progress toward a more rational and effective approach to address obesity.

Listen! Photograph © Jos van Wunnik / flickr

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