Goodbye to 5 Infatuations of 2014

Saying goodbye to these five diet and nutrition infatuations is nether bitter nor sweet. It’s just good.

  1. Google Trends - Juicing and Detox DietsJuicing & Detox. No, we don’t think that juicing will disappear, but the shine is off the apple for this one. Now that everyone has a juicer gathering dust, interest in juicing and detox diets seems to be fading.
  2. Dr. Oz. It’s been a rough year for Mehmet Oz. A Senate committee called him on the carpet for facilitating weight loss scams. The BMJ published an analysis that found you’d be better off flipping a coin than following his advice. No wonder interest in Dr. Oz is declining.
  3. Paleo. The year just past seems to be the high-water mark for this odd dietary concept — “eat like a caveman.” But as the year is closing and interest in this fad is fading, the news is breaking that this diet has little to do with how cavemen really ate.
  4. Gluten-Free WaterGluten-Free Bottled Water. We’re not sure that the gluten-free everything fad has run its course, but things like gluten-free bottled water and gluten-free shampoo give us reason to hope that this bubble will burst soon.
  5. Kale Chips. Why was it necessary to make chips from such a lovely vegetable as kale? We love you, kale. Your trashy relative, the kale chip, we can live without. The waning interest in kale chips helps restore our faith in public discernment.

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Goodbye, photograph © Aftab Uzzaman / flickr

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