Crack of Dawn in Harrisburg

Waking Up to a PA Capitol Forum on Obesity

Early yesterday, Women in Government sponsored a capitol forum on the comprehensive treatment of obesity in Harrisburg, hosted by Pennsylvainia State Representatives Vanessa Lowery Brown and Donna Oberlander. Representative Brown shared a personal perspective on the human impact of obesity and the importance of treating it seriously and respectfully.

Women in Governement PA Capitol Forum on Obesity 2015.02.24Ted Kyle, Obesity Action Coalition Chairman, presented an overview of why and how to treat obesity seriously, the impact of bias against people with obesity, and policy priorities for addressing the disease.

Commenting on the need to build upon the foundation of diet and exercise, Kyle summarized the need for more complete treatment approaches by quoting a recent paper by Ochner et al:

Simply telling someone with obesity to watch their diet and exercise is hardly more helpful than telling someone who’s bleeding to avoid sharp objects.

Click here for the Ochner paper. Click here for a copy of Kyle’s presentation.

Crack of Dawn in Harrisburg, photograph © Ted Kyle

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