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Do You Need a Smarter Desk?

A smarter desk can be yours today for just three or four thousand dollars! It goes up and down and gets to know you. It has bluetooth, WiFi, tidy storage for all your cords, and a really nifty touchscreen. Who knew that your desk could be a high tech imaginary friend and wellness coach?

But you have many other options. If you want to scrimp, you can go for a wooden SitStand for $69. In between, Ikea has a motorized Bekant desk for $469. And then you can start looking at chair alternatives to enhance your sitting experience.

Will any of these doodads actually help you claw back those years of life you’ve given up by sitting too much?

Let us get back to you on that. Evidence analysis by the renowned Cochrane Collaboration, as well as a recent systematic review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found no high-quality evidence that any interventions would actually reduce sitting time at work. Regarding these clever desks, Cochrane concluded: “There is very low quality evidence that sit-stand desks can reduce sitting at work.” Maybe you have thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. If so, don’t let thin evidence stop you — at least you’ll keep money circulating in the economy.

Otherwise, you can go with some low-cost options. Drink lots of water, for example. Your bladder will prompt you to get up. Meet with people away from your desk. Walk and talk. The possibilities are endless. Don’t just sit there.

Click here to read more from the New York Times. Click here to read more from Cochrane and here to read the review from BJSM.

Desk Chair, photograph © emdot / flickr

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