President Clinton Addresses the Third High School in Sarajevo

Will Bill Clinton Take Over Let’s Move?

It’s hard to know if this is a political calculation or an unscripted Clinton moment. But it’s looking like Former President Bill Clinton is ready to take over Let’s Move! from Michelle Obama. It would be an interesting role for this former president who was once famous for his fast food appetite.

In a commentary published by CNN, Clinton and American Heart Association President Nancy Brown are celebrating both the tenth anniversary of their Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the successes of the Let’s Move! program. At the same time, he’s pushing for more.

We’re not sure if Clinton is the one to do it, but it would be nice to see Let’s Move! get some new energy and get out of its cheerleading rut. Progress on school nutrition has been helpful. More physical activity in schools would be great. Even so, a more complete strategy is needed.

We would like to see the next administration — whether it’s Republican or Democrat — move beyond prescriptions for more of the same. An ambitious effort to address the considerable burden of obesity that’s already entrenched in the population will require more curiosity about this disease itself. It will require a more ambitious research program. It will require addressing the needs of 20 million Americans who are severely affected.

Maybe we can move on from assuming that the problem is simply a matter of too many fries and too many sodas. Maybe we can move to finding an evidence base for some real solutions.

Click here to read Clinton’s commentary on childhood obesity.

President Clinton addresses the Third High School in Sarajevo in 1999, photograph from the William J. Clinton Presidential Library via WikiMedia

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