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Obesity Economics: 4 Insights

Tucked away in the July issue of PharmacoEconomics is a treasure trove of insights into obesity economics. Some of the world’s top experts on economics and obesity have contributed 13 papers that provide a remarkably complete resource on the subject and support four key insights.

  1. A Big Burden. With a third of the world’s population already affected, obesity is now the driver of four of the top ten most deadly and expensive diseases that humanity faces.
  2. Failed Strategies. Most efforts to curb this disease have focused on prevention, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and awareness. They have failed spectacularly. Relatively little effort has been made to integrate treatment and prevention, or even grant people with the disease access to evidence-based treatments.
  3. Reasons for Optimism. Progress in surgical treatment, renewed innovation in research and development, and increased recognition by stakeholders that obesity must be addressed as a complex, chronic disease provides a basis for optimism about reducing the impact of obesity. Research progress is offering insight into the biological basis of the disease, with the promise of more effective prevention and treatment strategies.
  4. Investment Needed. The promise of progress against obesity will not be fulfilled without substantial investment in obesity treatment, research, development, evidence-based systems for clinical care, and advocacy to drive change.

These observations are supported by a wealth of information assembled in a single publication that’s well worth reading.

Click here to read it all.

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August 4, 2015