Thorkild I. A. Sørensen

Five Leaders in Obesity

The Obesity Society this week announced the winners of its highest honors for 2015, recognizing five of the top leaders in obesity. These fine people will be recognized at ObesityWeek 2015 in Los Angeles November 2-6 for their exemplary leadership, advancing efforts to reduce the health impact of obesity.

Thorkild I. A. Sørensen (above) was named to receive the Mickey Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award. Sørensen is Professor of Clinical and Metabolic Epidemiology at the University of Copenhagen and Director of the Institue of Preventive Medicine at Frederiksberg Hospital in Denmark. In many hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, he has contributed deep insights into the heritability, epidemiology, and natural history of obesity. Given in remembrance of Albert (Mickey) Stunkard, the Stunkard Award is designed to recognize people who, like Mickey, have made a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the field of obesity in terms of scholarship, mentorship, and education.

Samuel KleinSamuel Klein will receive the George A. Bray Founders Award. Klein is the William Danforth Professor of Medicine and Nutritional Science at the Washington University School of Medicine and Director of the Center for Human Nutrtion, the Center for Applied Research Sciences, and the Weight Management Program.  A past president of the Obesity Society, Klein’s research focuses on the cellular mechanisms and metabolic abnormalities that contribute to obesity. The Bray Award recognizes an individual for significant contributions that advance the scientific or clinical basis for understanding or treating obesity and for extensive involvement with the Society.

Louis AronneLouis J. Aronne will be awarded the Atkinson-Stern Award for Distinguished Public Service. Arrone is a past president of the Obesity Society and Vice Chair of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. A Clincal Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, Aronne directs the Comprehensive Weight Control Center and conducts research on CNS mechanisms for weight regulation, as well as innovative treatments for obesity. The Atkinson-Stern Award recognizes an individual or organization whose work has significantly improved the lives of those affected by obesity, whether through research, public policy, patient care, or other means.

Andrew GreenbergAndrew Greenberg was selected for TOPS Research Achievement Award. Greenberg is a physician, Senior Scientist, and Laboratory Director in the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at Tufts Medical Center. His research, which focuses on understanding the molecular, cellular, and systemic basis of obesity and its complications, has led to important insights into the role of brown fat in weight regulation. The TOPS Award recognizes an individual for singular achievement or contribution to research in the field of obesity.

Dongsheng CaiDongsheng Cai will be honored with the Lilly Scientific Achievement Award. As Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Cai is leading research to advance understanding of the central nervous system’s role in metabolic syndrome, obesity, and related conditions. Cai is working to develop novel and effective strategies of molecular and cellular therapies that will break these pathogenic connections and leading to better prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases. The Lilly Award recognizes excellence in an established research career and is made possible through an annual grant from the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company.

These five leaders exemplify the dedication of countless scientists, researchers, and clinicians whose work will lead to success in reversing the health impact of obesity.

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Thorkild I. A. Sørensen, image by Catherine Passee-Coutrin

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September 5, 2015