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Top Ten Most Read Stories on ConscienHealth in 2015

Looking back on the ten most read stories of 2015 reminds us how thankful we are for the growing numbers of people who take the time to read what we write, offer comments, and share ideas that often become new stories. Amazingly, we are coming very close to reaching 100,000 readers in 2015, an increase of 16% over readership in 2014. Thank you!

  1. Cabbage BrainHow Your Brain Controls Your Weight. The exploding knowledge about how our brains regulate energy storage, adiposity, and thus body weight stirs great interest from the diverse people who follow ConscienHealth.
  2. The Krispy Kreme Clinic for Children. Some of the folks in charge at UNC remain unable to understand why anyone would think that Krispy Kreme is not a good name for a children’s clinic.
  3. Three Reasons Weight Loss Fails. The physiology of obesity is something that is almost totally absent from public dialogue about the disease. Thus people are eager to read a clear accounting for the reasons that obesity is so hard to reverse.Three Reasons Weight Loss Fails
  4. First Ever Drug Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder Approved. Binge eating disorder is newly recognized as a disease and this year, Vyvanse was approved to treat it.
  5. Taxing Obesity, Pro and Con. In the absence of evidence that taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages will put a dent in obesity — or that it won’t — hard-core advocates on both sides of this debate are happy to fight about it.
  6. The Persistent Mythology of Sweeteners. Unable to find real evidence in humans for a problem with low-calorie sweeteners, otherwise reasonable peopleThe Press are willing to use sketchy animal data to promote myths about their dangers.
  7. VBLOC Approved: First New Device for Obesity in a Decade. This year brought approvals for three new devices to treat obesity. The remaining challenge is to make them successful.
  8. Going Public with Bariatric Surgery. Seeking an effective treatment for a chronic disease should not be a cause for harsh judgement and discrimination. But way too often, it’s true for someone who has bariatric surgery.
  9. How Did We Get All This Obesity?Salutation Nation The honest answer to this question is that no one knows for certain. The best we can do is pursue better answers.
  10. 10 Nutrition, Health & Fitness Trends for 2015. Fitness togs, our top trend for 2015, did not disappoint. While jeans are tanking, yoga wear is soaring.

“The man who wants to read and write must let the grass grow long.” Sculpture and image by wackystuff, quote by Sloan Wilson, shared via flickr

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December 22, 2015

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