The Athleisure Bandwagon

Google Trends - AthleisureWhile talk about health, fitness, and obesity have not done much to stem the rise in obesity rates, it seems that it has created a buoyant fashion trend: athleisure. Katie Smith at Edited sums up the situation pretty well:

Consumers are prioritising health and wellbeing, with the internet aiding the knowledge share. We may not be exercising more, but we certainly have an increased understanding of wellness.

Apparently that understanding of wellness has a lot to do with fashion and the appearance of pursuing fitness. Sales of yoga pants are growing at triple-digit rates and industry observers see the athleisure trend as “one of the fastest-growing global apparel product categories in the second half of this decade.” The growing interest in this fashion concept shows no sign of slowing.

So athleisure will be getting its own entry in the next revision of the Merriam-Webster dictionary and Sweaty Betty is moving into the U.S., fresh from the brand’s glistening success as “one of Britain’s coolest fitness brands for women.”

Meanwhile, less than half (46.5%) of adults in the U.S. are moderately or vigorously active for more than 20 minutes a day. Maybe it’s time to shift from a focus on awareness about diet, fitness, and obesity to finding things that actually work for moving the needle.

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Professora, illustration © Gustavo Peres / flickr

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March 27, 2016

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