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Spare Us from Your Stupid Talk About Obesity, Please

“Even fools who keep silent are considered wise.” That proverbial advice applies well in obesity. Unfortunately this week, politicians are not ready to follow it. Stupid talk about obesity keeps smacking us in the face when we read the news.

Telling People with Obesity: You’re on Your Own

When the Canadian Obesity Network released its Report Card on access to obesity care this week, Canadian senator Kelvin Ogilvie had a few wise things to say. “The body system adjusts to the highest weight you achieve and wants to keep you there.”

But he couldn’t stop himself with just a few wise comments.

He went on to say evidence-based obesity care has minimal benefits. “People have to take some responsibility for their own situation,” he said. People should “manage it on their own.”

That’s a pretty good description for what’s happening to most of the people in Canada who have obesity. They’re struggling on their own with a progressive, complex chronic disease. It keeps getting worse without care. And then the Canadian health system pays for the disastrous complications of untreated obesity: diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and cancer – just to name a few of them.

Not good.

Trump Weighs In

Not to be outdone, President Trump got some laughs at the expense of Maine Governor Paul LePage during a press event yesterday. “I knew him when he was heavy. Now I know him when he’s thin. And I like him both ways.”

Vice President Mike Pence and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke joined the crowd in laughing at LePage. Or maybe they were laughing at Trump. It’s hard to tell.

In any event, the message is clear to people living with obesity. Do nothing and we’ll mock you. Lose weight and we’ll mock you. It’s all good fun?

No. Not good.

Click here for more on Ogilvie’s comments and here for more on Trump’s.

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April 27, 2017

One Response to “Spare Us from Your Stupid Talk About Obesity, Please”

  1. April 27, 2017 at 4:53 pm, Michael said:

    Didn’t potus grow an inch during the campaign to avoid being labeled with obesity? Maybe that’s where treatments should be focused.