Pumpkin Spice Potato Vodka

Oh Noes! A Pumpkin Spice Tax?

Leave our pumpkin spice alone, daggone it! Everyone is taking a shot at robbing us of the joy that pumpkin spice brings to fall. John Oliver is mocking us. Frank Bruni is telling us pumpkin spice will destroy us all. But the cruelest insult comes from MagnifyMoney, where Brittney Laryea tells us we’re paying a huge pumpkin spice tax. As much as 133%.

Tax Their Sodas, But Don’t Touch My PSL

Everybody knows that sodas are what should be taxed. Big soda is making us all fat. When the news came out that obesity is up again, the answer was obvious. We need more soda taxes. Those people who drink all that soda are costing us a fortune with huge bills for healthcare. They oughta pay. If they’re poor, maybe that’ll make ’em drink less soda.

On the other hand, good people drink pumpkin spice lattes. We shouldn’t be paying a tax on all that wholesome fall goodness. Philly knew this. But the private sector put one over on us anyway. Laryea tells us that we’re paying a 25% pumpkin spice tax at Starbucks.

And no, it doesn’t matter if you order a skinny latte. Pay up.

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Pumpkin Spice Potato Vodka, photograph © Beth / flickr

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October 18, 2017