Take 5: Join Us in Supporting National Obesity Care Week

We are in the tenth year of a voyage at ConscienHealth. We’re following the lead of people seeking and finding better ways to care for people bearing the burden of obesity. So we advocate for an end to weight bias and discrimination. And we lift up evidence-based approaches to this chronic, progressive disease. National Obesity Care Week captures the very essence of our mission, so of course we support this outstanding effort.

Soon it will be here: October 29 to November 4 is the week. Seven focus days will mark the week: launch day, bias, access to care, medical care, surgery, behavioral care, and patient stories.

The Take 5 Pledge

National Obesity Care Week is founded upon five reasons for caring:

♦ Obesity is a serious disease
♦ Many people face weight bias
♦ Healthcare providers should help
♦ Science-based options can help
♦ The 2017 TROA will improve access to care

If these five reasons to change the way we care resonate for you, take a moment and pledge your support for them here.

To learn more about National Obesity Care Week, visit the website here.

Voyage, photograph © Louis Vest / flickr

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October 12, 2017