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Ten Things Not to Miss at ObesityWeek 2017

The excitement is rising. The world’s top obesity researchers, clinicians, and policymakers will soon be arriving in Washington’s National Harbor for ObesityWeek 2017. If you’re going to be there, you better plan ahead. this year, the meeting will have twice as much basic science, twice as much health policy, and three times as many late-breaking abstracts. The Obesity Society and ASMBS expect more than 5,000 participants.

So that you don’t get lost in a sea of humanity and science, here are a few things to mark in your planner.

1. Neuroscience Keynote by Rudy Leibel. This opening keynote address comes from a scientific giant in obesity research. Leibel played a central role in discovery of leptin, the essential hormone for regulating weight. From this captivating speaker, you can be sure you gain rich new insights about how obesity develops. He’s presenting on cutting edge research on neurons from the hypothalamus. Oct 31, 8:00 am, Potomac Ballroom.

2. The Fifth Annual Obesity Journal Symposium. This event presents some of the year’s top obesity research, fully peer-reviewed, all in one place. The subjects range from the lab to the clinic to the community. Oct 31, 10:15 am, National Harbor 10.

3. Weight Bias. Top researchers and clinicians will present a symposium on some of the latest research and clinical strategies for weight bias. New data on internalized weight bias from Rebecca Puhl will be especially valuable. Nov 1, 8:30 am, National Harbor 10.

4. Childhood Obesity. In a program filled with new research on childhood obesity, it’s hard to pick. But the symposium on adolescent weight management promises to provide a complete and compelling review of the state of the art. Oct 31, 10:15 am, National Harbor 12.

5. The Blackburn Symposium. Honoring the groundbreaking work of Dr. George Blackburn, his former fellows – now leaders in the field – will present the basis for important milestones in nutrition therapy and obesity care. Oct 30, 3:30 pm, National Harbor 4-5.

6. National Obesity Care Week. Throughout ObesityWeek, TOS, ASMBS, OAC and a long list of partners and supporters will be advocating to change the way we care for people living with obesity. ObesityWeek attendees have the opportunity to visit their representatives to express their support for better access to care.

7. Advocacy Forum. “What’s next for obesity care and prevention” will be the subject of the joint TOS/ASMBS advocacy forum. Clinicians, health systems experts, and policy makers at the center of this problem will present. Nov 1, 8:00 am, Chesapeake A-C.

8. ASMBS IH Keynote by Jens Juul Holst. Holst is a renowned expert on gut hormones that serve to regulate metabolism and weight.  He serves as research Director at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen. Oct 31, 2:00 pm, Cherry Blossom Ballroom.

9. Obesity in the Fifth Quarter. Researchers, clinicians, and retired NFL players will talk about a malignancy in the NFL: obesity among retired players. This unique population offers insight into how obesity can affect some of the most disciplined and physically talented people among us. Nov 2, 11:00 am, Potomac Ballroom.

10. Fascinating Rhythms of Eating and Obesity. It’s not just what’s consumed that matters, but also when it’s consumed. Old clichés about the “most important meal of the day” are being replaced by more sophisticated insights to be presented at this symposium. Nov 1, 8:30 am, National Harbor 4-5.

These are admittedly subjective picks. But they offer a starting point, and you can choose from much, much more. For the full ObesityWeek 2017 schedule, click here.

Supermoon Over National Harbor, photograph © Victoria Pickering / flickr

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October 25, 2017