OAC Leadership Team, photograph © Ted Kyle

Building Community for Obesity Action

We share a common passion of making the world a better place for people affected by obesity. As  doctors, nurses, and patient advocates, we lend our voices and knowledge to this fight. OAC creates extraordinary education materials, dispels myths, challenges bias, and creates a community where members connect with one another. Together, we fight for access to care and for the same respect that people living with any other chronic disease would expect. Every day, our leaders and members amaze and inspire me. Truly, it’s an honor and privilege serve with you all.

With those words, Michelle Vicari, the new chair of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) board, opened two days of work to define the coming year in obesity activism. The OAC Board of Directors and staff met in Denver this weekend to review progress in 2017 and make final plans for the coming year.

Community Action

The year ahead promises some big changes as OAC brings community action into a central focus. A new membership model is coming to make joining easier. But even more important, OAC plans to present members with more opportunities for getting involved in community action around the country.

Kristy Kuna, OAC Vice President for Programs and Operations, explains:

We’ve spent a lot of time listening to our members. Over the past two years, we’ve been listening to needs and concerns. And out of all that, we have a new membership model. This year will be a call to action for people affected by obesity.

This organization is genuinely remarkable. Before 2005, people affected by obesity had no voice in policies to address obesity. Back then, if people wanted to learn about real, evidence-based medical care for obesity, the information was scattered. In fact, it was often reliable.

Today, the organization has grown to nearly 60,000 members. Based on plans for the coming year, we expect to see a burst of new growth. But even more important, you will see exponential growth of engagement with the causes that OAC fights for – education, advocacy, and support.

ConscienHealth is proud to be a patron of the OAC Chairman’s Council. Our founder Ted Kyle is a past chair and Treasurer on the OAC Board of Directors. Today, what the OAC needs is you. We urge you to join the OAC. Even more importantly, OAC needs you to dive in and get engaged. Connect on social media. Lend your support. Together, we will bring better care, respect, and support for nearly 100 million people affected by obesity.

OAC Leadership Team, photograph © Ted Kyle

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January 14, 2018

2 Responses to “Building Community for Obesity Action”

  1. January 14, 2018 at 5:24 pm, Michael said:

    Hi Ted,

    Has the OAC considered playing a role outside of the USA? Could a federation of similar organisations from other parts of the globe be established?

    Regards, Michael.

    • January 14, 2018 at 6:39 pm, Ted said:

      Good thinking, Michael. OAC is definitely supportive and collaborative with other patient advocacy organizations.