Lollipops: Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, No Added Sugar

You knew it had to happen. Added sugar is the new dietary boogeyman. So the entrepreneurs at Koochikoo are meeting the challenge to bring us lollipops with no added sugar.

Eye Popping Claims

These guys are innovators who just can’t stop. Anyone else would be satisfied to bring us lollipops with no added sugar and leave it at that. But it gets better.

These little beauties are USDA organic. They’re gluten free, organic, and loaded with prebiotic fiber. One might think that sucking on one of these could make you live forever. Well, maybe not. But at least you’ll be living free of guilt and free from that dreaded added sugar.

The Secret: Tapioca Fiber

Low Fat TwizzlersGrandma Sal (you can’t make this up) is an aging hippie determined to make the world safe for lollipops. So she spent four years developing a sweetener from cassava plant root that’s low in calories and high in fiber. Each lollipop has five grams of tapioca fiber and ten calories. Sal, more formally known as Sally Cox, says she was surprised by the lack of innovation in the lollipop business. She said:

There was no ingredient that was appropriate – sweet like sugar, but with zero grams of sugar. So I invested.

And our lives are complete. We can enjoy organic gluten free vegan lollipops with no added sugar – and no guilt. These things won’t even cause tooth decay. Low fat Twizzlers are now relics of the past. No added sugar is today’s ticket to good health.

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Lollipop, photograph © Sam Stockton / flickr

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February 7, 2018