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Taking Celebrity Nutrition Advice to a New Level

Meghan MarkleGreat Britain is getting a new princess today when Meghan Markle weds Prince Harry and becomes Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex. On top of that, it seems like we might be taking her celebrity nutrition advice to a new, royal level.

A Vegan-ish Duchess

Until she became destined for royal status, Markle was dispensing health, wellness, and nutrition advice to eager fans. She said she follows a mostly vegan diet during the week. But she gives herself more flexibility on the weekends. She favors apple slices and almond butter for snacks.

And, naturally, she’s into Kombucha tea – a fermented elixir enjoying its 15 minutes of fame on the pop nutrition scene. Rounding out the high points of her dietary wisdom, she favors omega-3s, hydration, antioxidants, red wine, carbs, and room for dessert.

A New Regimen for Harry?

Naturally, we hear that the Duchess to be has turned her attention to Prince Harry’s health regimen. Steel cut oats and bee pollen for breakfast, green juices, and hearty soups are part of the regimen she’s prescribed to shape up the prince.

You can call it infotainment or you can call it pop nutrition. Markel offered a little bit of good advice – like favoring plants in her diet – mixed with a lot of fluff. But the Duchess of Sussex no longer has her lifestyle blog, The Tig. We’ll just have to wait and see if she will move into a royal phase of dispensing nutrition and health advice.

Click here and here for more on the the dietary wisdom of Britain’s new Duchess. For a slightly more academic perspective on celebrity and fitness in the U.S., click here.

St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, photograph © Jack Pease / flickr

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May 19, 2018