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My Story of Health and Weight and Childhood

Last week, the introduction of Kurbo by WW prompted a flutter of twittering about weight and health and childhood. Twitter exploded with strong opinions from people who didn’t need to know much about Kurbo to render judgment. In today’s guest post, our friend Sarah Bramblette offers a very personal perspective on having options in childhood.

I weighed 125 pounds in the 2nd grade. I was 7. Every night, we washed the one pair of pants I had to fit me in the 5th grade. This communion dress (right) was specially made for me. I gained an average of 25 pounds a year, graduating high school over 400lbs.

I’ve never been a member of Weight Watchers, or any other program because we couldn’t afford the membership. My mom had me in a six-week program at a local hospital, but nothing long term. People gave us copies of diets. I remember having a Deal A Meal deck.

No Structure or Guidance

But nothing provided structure or guidance. Nor did I think anything could or would put a dent in the amount of weight I needed to lose.

Yes, I had an unknown condition contributing to my weight gain. But a healthier diet & more activity could have lessened the progression.

No Access to Care

The fact is there were no real options or treatments available for me. And today, access to care for children with obesity has even more barriers than adults encounter.

I know we need to be careful with children. We don’t want to cause disordered eating or unhealthy habits. But we need to provide help to the children who are struggling with health issues due to excess weight.

I’m not completely qualified to speak on what that answer is, but I think we need to keep moving toward answers and not immediately demonize options when provided. Because I’ve yet to see alternatives presented.

For more on access to care for children with obesity, click here and here.

High School Graduation, photograph © Sarah Bramblette

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August 18, 2019

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  1. August 18, 2019 at 11:48 am, Stephen Phillips said:


    Perhaps there’s something more important than weight that kids would like to lose …and we all can certainly help them with that

    Listen or read this true case history