Message from Patty Nece, OAC Vice Chair

Right Now: Get the Care You Need

This is important. Please just watch and listen to the video below from OAC Vice Chair, Patty Nece.

Hi everybody. I’m Patty Nece, Vice Chair of the Obesity action coalition – OAC. I’d like to talk to you about covid-19.

We know two things. First, we know that people with obesity who are infected by COVID-19 can have serious complications. We also know that people higher weights delay seeking medical care because the weight bias and stigma they’ve experienced. And it turns out that’s not an exception when it comes to COVID-19 either.

Believe me I get it. I’ve had a lot of instances where I’ve been stigmatized in medical appointments, where the medical provider blames everything on my weight. Where I’m humiliated and shamed because of my weight. But you know what? Now is not the time to delay.

Delays Cause Harm

If there’s anything we’ve learned in dealing with COVID-19, it’s that delays cause harm. Whether it’s by a month, a week, a day, perhaps even an hour. So please, if you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, don’t delay seeking care. Contact your medical providers. Reach out to your public health authorities. Take care of you.

For more information about COVID-19 and obesity, go to a, which is OAC’s website. We’ve got lots of tools there to help support you through this difficult time.

And once again please don’t delay seeking care if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. You’re important to us and we want you to be with us for a long time. Stay safe.

Click here for more on getting the care you need and here for more from OAC.

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April 18, 2020

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