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OCW2021: Why Do We Do This? Why Do We Care?

Every morning, before the sun is up, here at ConscienHealth, we struggle to assemble about 500 words that people who care about obesity, nutrition, and health will want to read. Why do we care enough to do this? In short, we do this because we have found a community that matters greatly. These are people who care about doing better for other people who are living with obesity. They tell us in the OCW2021 I Care video embedded here.

Truly, this community is diverse. So are the reasons we have for caring.

Clinical Care and Health

“I care about obesity because it is a chronic, relapsing disease. It can be so debilitating to so many people around the world. Obesity is a disease often so misunderstood and therefore stigmatized. It is a disease that, if anyone could choose, they would not choose it for themselves. Yet obesity can be overcome with diet, exercise, medication, and surgery. I care about obesity because by treating obesity, we can change so many lives around the world.”


“I care because people living with obesity deserve access to healthcare. employment, and education, free of stigma and bias”

Loved Ones

“I have a lot of loved ones who are fighting the battle. I want people to realize that this isn’t something we choose. It’s something we are living with.”

Living Life

“I care about obesity because it’s something I’ve been dealing with pretty much all my life. And at its worst, it’s kept me from getting outside and enjoying all of this great world.”

Our Own Reasons

We have our own reasons for caring enough to get out of bed every day and offer some words that might be worth reading. It is a bit of all of the above. But above all, it the the encouragement we receive from so many people who are so caring about this challenge. You make us believe that things are changing for the better.

Read more about Obesity Care Week here and follow the #OCW2021 hashtag on Twitter.

I Care Because, image from the OCW2021 spark video © Obesity Action Coalition / YouTube

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March 6, 2021

2 Responses to “OCW2021: Why Do We Do This? Why Do We Care?”

  1. March 06, 2021 at 11:54 am, Christine Rosenbloom said:

    Thanks for providing sound commentary on important issues. We appreciate all you do!

  2. March 06, 2021 at 12:33 pm, Angela Golden said:

    THANK YOU for caring so much to get the 500 words everyday. They are powerful and shared frequently. Just wanted you to know.