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YWM2021: 10 Years of Connecting and Thriving

YWM2021 Registration OptionsTomorrow is the day. At 1 pm, the Obesity Action Coalition will open its tenth annual Your Weight Matters Convention (YWM2021). Many things have changed in the dozen years that ConscienHealth has been working for a better way to reduce the health impact of obesity. But none is more important than the the thriving community of education, empowerment, and advocacy OAC has built. YWM2021 is the time when this all comes together in one event.

No single event is more important every year for people living with obesity. Here’s why.

Education and Empowerment

Let’s be frank. The world is full of bunk about obesity. Wagging fingers tell us that overcoming obesity is simple. Let’s Move! Eat less, more! Keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, fitness fads – these and a zillion other options stand ready to take your money and promise weight loss. But all of it springs from a lie.

That lie is that obesity is a condition of choice. That somehow the people who are living with it are either stupid or lazy or gluttons who chose this for themselves.

But the truth is that obesity is a problem of biology gone awry. The body stores too much fat in the wrong places and harms a person’s health in myriad ways. A person’s gut and hypothalamus use hormones to set this process in motion. None of this is controlled by conscious choice. It comes when a person inherits genes that make them susceptible and lives in an environment that promotes it. Choices come into play when it’s time to figure out how to cope with this problem – just like any other health problem.

You won’t hear this truth very often from health reporters or even from health professionals. More often, all you’ll hear is advice to eat this, not that. Or try this fitness program. Some of it might be good advice, but it doesn’t cure obesity, and more likely than not, it doesn’t even bring it under control.

YWM2021 delivers education and empowerment through the truth about obesity and your options for dealing with it.

Connection and Community

This is why YWM2021 is so important. In this one event, over the next week online, you will find some of the best science-based information available anywhere on this subject. But it comes in a form that just about anyone can understand, delivered by the world’s best experts and advocates for you.

Better yet, participants can connect directly with those experts and advocates in an environment that is safe and supportive. There are large featured sessions and small, intimate chats. Plus a unique opportunity to connect with others who are living with some of the same challenges you are.

Register Now, Join Us Tomorrow

For the live events, registration is free. Extra access to recorded sessions, special events, and added resources comes with a full registration for only $50. For health professionals seeking CE credit, the cost is $90. Register now at YWMconvention.com.

ConscienHealth is proud to be an OAC Chairman’s Council Patron, because this is the organization that makes a difference for people living with obesity.

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July 16, 2021

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