The Most Read Posts on ConscienHealth in 2022

ReadingWe’re zooming toward the end of 2022, so it’s hard to resist looking back to see which of the posts on ConscienHealth you read the most. We are grateful for the smart and diverse people who take the time to read what we post here. Seeing what captures your attention teaches us a thing or two. Thank you.

So here, for your reflection, are the top ten most read posts of 2022 from ConscienHealth. Click on any of them if you want more details.

1. Why Is Semaglutide More Expensive for Obesity?

Drug pricing is screwy in the U.S. and there’s no better illustration of this than the premium pricing of semaglutide for obesity compared to the pricing of that same drug for diabetes. More of you read this post in 2022 than anything else we wrote.

2. Tirzepatide Phase Three Obesity Results: Wow!

This year was a quite a year for advances in drugs for treating obesity. This post about the extraordinary results for tirzepatide in obesity thus made a big impression.

3. Tirzepatide Pricing Comes in Similar to Semaglutide

With this post rounding out the ConscienHealth top three most read posts of 2022, we note that all three were about new obesity meds and two out of three were about their pricing.

4. A Troll Returns to Bully People with Obesity

In early August, Bill Maher decided to broadcast a rant mocking people with obesity. He also decided to label ConscienHealth’s Ted Kyle as a “fat activist,” definitive proof that he has no clue what he’s talking about.

5. Federal Health Plans Opening Up to Obesity Care

This was a refreshing bit of good news. It reflects a determination by one of the largest employers in the country (the U.S. Government) that treatment of obesity should have coverage in federal employee health benefits just like any other chronic disease.

6. Semaglutide SELECT Study: No News Is News

This is an ambitious health outcomes study that will be complete next year. An interim analysis this year found nothing that would cause it to end early. You can be sure that the full results will command a lot of attention, no matter what they are.

7. Obesity: How Does a Diagnosis Become a Slur?

Some folks in the community of fat activism have decided that obesity, a medical diagnosis, is a slur.

8. Health at Every Size® or One Size Fits All?

For their own personal health, some people find that obesity is a very important consideration for them. Others do not. One size does not fit all with respect to this chronic disease. Everyone has unique needs and priorities for health. But respect for those diverse needs and beliefs seems to be a challenge at times.

9. Intermittent Fasting Strikes Out Again

Intermittent fasting continues to attract enthusiastic interest. So this new study commanded our reader’s attention.

10. American Heart Decides Obesity Isn’t a Behavior

This one almost flew under the radar. But the fact that the American Heart Association updated their paradigm of Life’s Simple Seven and turned it into Life’s Essential Eight was a big deal. That’s because in this new paradigm, AHA stopped counting BMI as a marker of behavior and started considering it as a biometric marker. This is progress.

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December 16, 2022

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