Closing Out Summer with IFSO in Naples

This comes as an early morning post of anticipation. Right now we are in a dark plane over the North Atlantic, anticipating two things. First we anticipate two intense days that will begin with a jolt as we land in a bright (and possibly wet) morning in Naples, Italy, for the IFSO meeting that started yesterday and will serve to close out this summer. We are expecting a lot of illuminating talk about the future of metabolic and bariatric surgery. There’s no better prep for the dialogue that will unfold in Naples than this outstanding essay on the subject by Simar Bajaj at STAT.

Will people find greater use for metabolic surgery as obesity medicines bring more attention to the medical dimension of obesity? Or will they use it even more sparingly?

Second, we are anticipating a publication on the other side of the Atlantic in the morning of the eastern U.S. It will explore an important concern about drug labeling for people living with obesity. Look for another post to come your way as our summer morning at IFSO in Naples progresses into the afternoon.

Watch this space.

Naples, painting by Maurice Prendergast / WikiArt

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August 30, 2023