Lightning in Dallas

Ten Sparks to Start Your Thinking on ObesityWeek 2023

We’re packing for Dallas and looking forward to soaking up as much innovation, science, and policy as we can when all the world’s top experts gather to share their best thinking at ObesityWeek 2023.

There’s a lot to absorb in just four days, so advance planning is the key. Here are ten sparks from the program that caught our eye as we prepare.

1. A Plenary View from the Top

The Presidential Plenary will bring a view of both past and future in obesity with presidential medalists reflecting on years of studying dietary behavior and young innovators setting the stage for the future. We’re eager to hear what Jamy Ard will tell us about raising the standards of care for obesity medicine.
Saturday 5:00 pm, Ballroom C

2. BMI and Obesity Staging

Will we ever be at peace with BMI and clinical definitions of obesity? Maybe not. But these two sessions will bring some of the best insights available.
Sunday, 8:00 am, Ballroom C & Monday, 8:00 am, D174

3. Pitfalls and Politics in Dietary Guidance

Everyone seems to have a stake in dietary guidance and so the controversies fly, including controversies about who should get a say in the decision making. We’re eager to hear from folks who’ve passed through the gauntlet of developing dietary guidance.
Sunday, 8:00 am, D174

4. Basic Instinct

The interaction of genetics, physiology, and the food environment to drive food consumption will provide for a rich discussion among some of the brightest researchers on these interrelated subjects.
Sunday, 10:00 am, D174

5. Around the Corner and Into the Future

Lee Kaplan and Ania Jastreboff will be giving us a peek at the remarkable progress in medicines for obesity coming our way. Is obesity on its way to being a manageable chronic disease?
Sunday 1:30 pm, Ballroom C

6. SURMOUNT-3 in the Spotlight

Tirzepatide is getting close to an approval (we suspect) for obesity at FDA. So all eyes will be on five consecutive oral sessions where the 72-week study of tirzepatide for obesity treatment gets its first full presentation. Anticipation is high because of the impressive effectiveness this new option may bring.
Sunday 3:30 pm, Ballroom C

7. Culturally Competent Obesity Care

Let’s face it. Culturally competent obesity care is a sore spot. One size does not fit all and obesity care has often missed the mark on cultural competence. This is a session not to miss.
Tuesday, 8:00 am, D174

8. Addressing Stigma and Internalized Weight Bias

TOS and OAC are partnering to bring this symposium to address obesity stigma and internalized weight bias. The speakers are outstanding.
Tuesday, 10:00 am, Ballroom C

9. Real World Pediatric Obesity Care

New guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics on obesity care have been a hot topic this year, because translation of that guidance into real world practices is a big leap. This joint symposium with AAP will tackle this challenge directly.
Tuesday, 10:00 am, D170/172

10. Big Food in Dallas

Food is a big part of the culture in Dallas and we do not subscribe to the idea that it is a threat to our health and wellbeing. If you wish to sample it while you digest all the new thinking at ObesityWeek 2023, you can find some guidance here.

This list is just a small sample of the rich and diverse programming you will find at ObesityWeek 2023 in Dallas. For more, dig into the app or the interactive program and have a look at these highlights from the program chair.

Lightning in Dallas, photograph by Mitchel Coombs for the NOAA Weather in Focus Photo Contest 2015, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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October 12, 2023