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Why Are People Quick to Quit GLP-1 Medicines? Is It Surprising?

July 12, 2024 — Reuters has a news flash for us. People are quick to quit taking GLP-1 medicines. In an “exclusive” story, the Reuters report comes from a analysis from Prime Therapeutics and Magellan Rx (Prime/MRx) – a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). The headline finding is that 85% of people who start on GLP-1 medicines have quit taking […]

Welcome to Disparity Health, Where Health Is Everything

July 11, 2024 — “Not everything is healthcare,” writes Chris Pope in an essay for the Wall Street Journal, questioning  policy advocates who focus on disparity in social determinants of health. In his commentary, he expresses doubt about diverting money from healthcare to other social programs: “Social theories of health have become so popular because they allow states, nonprofit […]

A Sketchy Head-to-Head Study of Tirzepatide and Semaglutide

July 10, 2024 — The headline is compelling. “Zepbound outperforms Ozempic and Wegovy in head-to-head weight loss study.” It certainly confirms the bias of a lot of people in the field. But is it true? Did tirzepatide (Zepbound) really beat semaglutide (Wegovy) in a head-to-head comparative study for obesity? In a word, no. Uncontrolled, Observational, and Inequivalent Dosing The […]

Reducing the Risk of Cancers Associated with Obesity

July 8, 2024 — Cancer might not be top of mind when most people think about the complications of obesity. But at least 13 different cancers have a clear association with obesity. A new study published Friday in JAMA Network Open examines the risk of these cancers in patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity. The primary objective was […]

The DiRECT Obsession with Behavior Change for Diabetes

July 7, 2024 — Letting go is hard. But there is a bright line between persistence and stubbornness. Persistence is absolutely necessary to advance a cause. But persistence gives way to stubbornness when facts line up to define serious limitations and people press on with a futile effort. Such is the case with the DiRECT obsession for “curing” type […]

EASO Advances the Long Goodbye for BMI in Obesity

July 6, 2024 — We’ve been hearing quite a lot about this on many levels. For years now, obesity thought leaders and even the public have had an increasingly sour relationship with BMI. It’s been misused, abused, detested, and even accused of racism. Yes, the love is gone. On Friday, the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) […]

Nope, a Multivitamin Will Not Help You Live Longer

July 5, 2024 — Dietary supplements generated U.S. sales of $177 billion in 2023 and multivitamins are the single most common dietary supplement that people actually take. According to NIH, about one in three of us take one. The use of them goes up with age, perhaps as a response as mortality comes into sharper view. But a new […]

The American Way of Eating and Living with Our Neighbors

July 4, 2024 — “I don’t eat like an American,” says our good friend and wise dietitian Linn Steward. “I spend more on food than the average American, but I economize in other areas, like clothing, travel, and entertainment. So I figure that in the long run, it all evens out.” But as we contemplate the quintessential American holiday, […]

A System of High Prices, Stigma, and Inequity in Obesity

July 3, 2024 — Nope, says Dr. Alissa Chen. Medicare shouldn’t start covering obesity medicines. Her dad, 72, has obesity that began when he was in grad school and has persisted throughout his life. Now he has the cardiovascular disease that often results from untreated obesity. But no, she doesn’t want him to receive treatment with advanced medicines proven […]

Eat Less Junk Food! Effectively Making People Behave Healthier

July 2, 2024 — This is one of the most robust and enduring myths of food policy. The mythology holds that the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods is clear, but many consumers are confused about it. So if we can educate, persuade, cajole, or nudge them toward buying more of those healthy foods and less of the unhealthy […]