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25 Years of Research on Viruses Causing Obesity

January 8, 2019 — In 1982, Michael Lyons published the first finding that a virus could cause obesity. More than a quarter century later, quite a pile of evidence has accumulated. And yet, the notion of viruses causing obesity seems far from the mainstream. Why is this so? The Long Road for a Counter-Intuitive Finding It’s been more than […]

Infectious Obesity

May 5, 2015 — On the closing day of the Canadian Obesity Summit, Obesity Society President Nikhil Dhurandhar challenged people to consider the concept of infectious obesity. He is the perfect person to issue this challenge because of his pivotal work to establish the relationship between obesity and adenovirus 36 (Ad36). In addition to the link between some cases of obesity and […]

That Pesky Obesity Virus

November 27, 2013 — That pesky obesity virus keeps cropping up in the scientific literature. A new meta-analysis of 2,508 subjects with obesity and 3,005 controls in Obesity finds that infection with adenovirus 36 (Ad36) brings an increased risk of obesity. We now have about 100 scientific publications on Ad36 and obesity. Animal studies have shown that Ad36 causes […]