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Lost in the Absurdity of Life’s Simple 7

February 14, 2021 — Good cardiovascular health is simple, says the American Heart Association. Just follow Life’s Simple 7. It’s the AHA’s trademark guide to good health. Four ideal health behaviors and three ideal health metrics. The metrics are cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose. The behaviors are eating healthy, being active, not smoking, and having a BMI less […]

Diet Soda: Beating a Correlation to Death

February 18, 2019 — How many times have we documented a correlation between diet sodas and cardiovascular disease? Who cares, say the editors of Stroke. Apparently, the click bait is irresistable. Thus, we have the upteenth correlation study, unsupported suggestions of causality, and a tidal wave of sensational headlines about diet soda, strokes, heart attacks, and death. We have […]

Ignorance About Obesity Is Common and Reversible

April 11, 2018 — A colleague recently asked: How do you keep doing what you do in the face of so much awful stuff? By awful stuff, she meant flagrant examples of weight bias. Like the Guardian’s recent Op-Ed by Lizzie Cernik, proclaiming “It’s not fine to be fat.” The short answer to our friend’s question is this. Bias […]

Hitting the Brakes on Sugar for Kids

August 24, 2016 — A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) calls for a dramatic cut in sugar for kids. In a scientific statement published this week, AHA recommends that children between 2 and 18 consume no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. That’s a reduction of two-thirds from the estimated 75 grams […]

Sit Less, Move More

August 18, 2016 — In scientific advisories, obscurity and equivocation abound more than clarity. So the latest advisory from the American Heart Association (AHA) provides more elegant advice than most: “sit less and move more.” True, the advisory goes on for 11 pages before it gets to that punch line. But at least it has a punch line. Here’s the thing. […]

Heart Association Carefully Concedes e-Cigarettes Role

August 31, 2014 — In a week of much news about e-cigarettes, the American Heart Association (AHA) has carefully conceded that e-cigarettes might have a role as a last option for quitting smoking. Specifically, the AHA statement says: If a patient has failed initial treatment, has been intolerant of or refuses to use conventional smoking cessation medication, and wishes […]