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AMA Obesity Decision May Sway Bosses First

September 24, 2013 — You might think that the AMA obesity decision — to treat obesity as a disease — would have a big effect, first and foremost, on doctors. You might be wrong. No doubt doctors will respond, but they are dithering and slow by comparison to what we’re hearing from big business. With remarkable consistency, the experts […]

Cheers and Jeers for the AMA Vote on Obesity

June 26, 2013 — When the AMA vote on obesity overruled a report of their Council on Science and Public Health and declared that obesity is a disease, who would have guessed we would still be talking about it a week later? Reactions have ranged from cheers to jeers to shoulder shrugs. “Take the stigma away so insurers will […]

AMA Obesity Decision Sparks Remarkable Interest

June 20, 2013 — Tuesday’s decision by AMA to designate obesity as a disease continues to spark remarkable public attention. ConscienHealth founder Ted Kyle appeared on the Nightly Business Report Wednesday, along with Caroline Apovian and other health and obesity experts to discuss the implications of this news. Click here to view this segment of the Nightly Business Report […]

AMA Reverses Report — Obesity Is a Disease

June 19, 2013 — At its annual meeting in Chicago, the American Medical Association surprised most observers Tuesday and declared that obesity is a disease. Not some sort of vague problem. Not a bad choice. Not a lifestyle you can simply shed. Obesity is “a disease state with multiple pathophysiological aspects requiring a range of interventions to advance obesity […]

AMA Wonders: Is Obesity a Disease?

June 18, 2013 — News comes from the American Medical Association’s annual meeting in Chicago that the House of Delegates is deliberating on whether it’s time to declare that obesity is really a disease. At last year’s meeting, a resolution to do so from the Illinois delegation was referred for study to AMA’s Council on Science and Public Health. […]