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The Ten Most Read Stories of 2021 on ConscienHealth

December 27, 2021 — Our readers amaze us. First of all, it is amazing that more than 100,000 of you come to ConscienHealth in the span of a year. But more important, you teach us by what you read and share from our site and what you pass up. So here are the top ten stories you read most […]

Rethinking a Study of the Biggest Loser

December 21, 2021 — If nothing else, we have learned in recent years that it is possible to rationalize anything. In the pandemic and in politics, we see people taking a set of facts and coming up with wildly different interpretations. Likewise in science, we have to think hard about how to make sense of new findings. With new […]

Biggest Lie of the Biggest Loser

May 3, 2016 — The Biggest Loser is an easy target. It’s a slow-motion train wreck that NBC has exploited for 17 seasons of high intensity weight loss competitions. A new study published yesterday in Obesity explains why it is a train wreck for many, if not most, of the contestants. Fothergill and colleagues studied 14 of the 16 […]