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How Your Body’s Heater – Brown Fat – Works

August 26, 2019 — Believe it or not, your body has an organ that serves as an efficient little heater. It’s brown fat. Obesity geeks might call it brown adipose tissue. Or BAT for short. For some time now, BAT has fascinated obesity scientists. Adding to their excitement is a new study last week in Nature. The research documents […]

Fighting Obesity with Coffee and Headlines

June 28, 2019 — It’s all so simple. We can fight obesity with a single cup of coffee! It’s a “fat-burning, obesity-fighting beverage.” So say the headlines about a study of brown fat activation with caffeine. This new study in Scientific Reports, hyped by a press release from the University of Nottingham, has unleashed a flood of sensational headlines […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Beige Fat for Energy Balance

May 22, 2018 — The science of fat tissue has progressed in quite an impressive way over the last decade. And just yesterday, researchers added a new milestone to that progress. With a new paper in Nature Medicine, Heejin Jun and colleagues identified a neurological pathway that may be critical for activating beige fat cells to burn energy. And […]

Progress on the Next Generation of Obesity Treatment

March 21, 2017 — Gratefully, we can report progress on the next generation of obesity treatment. For starters, John Blundell and colleagues have just published a controlled clinical trial of semaglutide in obesity. The study is a tightly controlled experiment to explain how the drug works. And beyond semaglutide, more options for treating obesity are moving into development. The […]

Is Your Furnace Making You Fat?

January 25, 2014 — Popular media went into overdrive this week with stories about your furnace making you fat. Before you turn the heat down too far, stop, take a deep breath, and think about what the research really tells us. The stimulus for reports of the new thermostat diet was a review article published for early view online […]

3 Reasons You Should Care About Brown Fat

November 10, 2013 — One of the highlights of Obesity Week coming up in Atlanta will be a keynote on beige and brown fat delivered by Bruce Spiegelman of Harvard Medical School. Perhaps you know all there is to know about brown fat and its cousins. But maybe you’re wondering, “Why should I care? Here’s three reasons. For a […]