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Five Overlooked Sources of Bias

March 19, 2014 — Martin Binks reminds us that many overlooked sources of bias get pushed out of view by a singular focus on bias associated with commercial financial interests. His commentary has just been published online in the International Journal of Obesity.  In another recent commentary — this one in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine […]

Toddler Obesity Plummeting? Headlines 5, Science 0

March 3, 2014 — A toddler obesity statistic from last week’s CDC report in the Journal of the American Medical Association was fished out of the depths of the report and elevated to headline status, generating many millions of media impressions. Here’s a sampling: NY Times: Obesity Rate for Young Children Plummets 43% Wall Street Journal: US Childhood Obesity Rates Fall 40% […]

Any Clues? Preschool Obesity Nudging Down

February 26, 2014 — Preschool obesity rates — in yet another study, published today — are edging down. Are we doing anything to cause this? Or are we just celebrating events we don’t yet fully understand while we do our obesity prevention rituals? Cynthia Ogden, a CDC epidemiologist and lead author on the study, says “there’s a glimmer of […]

Bill Dietz: Severe Obesity and Disparities Growing

May 3, 2013 — In a plenary address to the Third Canadian Obesity Summit in Vancouver Thursday, Bill Dietz presented a compellingly clear picture of  challenges that remain for addressing obesity. While overall obesity rates seem to be stabilizing, severe obesity is growing, as are the disparities in the people affected by obesity. Disparities were at the top of […]

Americans Eating Less Fast Food, Staying Home

April 7, 2013 — A new CDC study shows fast food continues to decline as a percent of American diets. Fast food represented 11% of daily caloric intake in 2010, the year the most recent data covers, down significantly versus the almost 13% it represented in 2006.  Fast food includes hamburgers, pizza, french fries, and tacos — food that […]

Declaring Victory over Childhood Obesity?

January 20, 2013 — A string of triumphant stories of declining childhood obesity rates has marked the last month. Is declaring victory premature? David Allison, Distinguished Professor at UAB and one of the best thinkers in the obesity field, tells us that while this is certainly promising news, “Its exact meaning is difficult to know at this time. It […]

Obesity Arguments ad Absurdum

January 3, 2013 — Obesity arguments over the health risks of excess weight were taken to a new level of absurdity with two publications in the last 24 hours. The first was an excellent study published yesterday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, documenting a survival benefit for overweight people. The second was a dogmatic editorial in the […]

Slight Drop in Pre-School Obesity

December 29, 2012 — A new study from the CDC suggests rates of obesity in pre-school children from lower-income homes have fallen slightly since 2003. The change is quite small — from 15.2% to 14.9% — but if it continues, it would be the first sign that obesity rates, which have grown consistently since 1980, may have moderated in […]

2013 Watershed for Childhood Nutrition?

December 9, 2012 — A number of developments in the works suggest that 2013 could be a pivotal year for childhood nutrition policy, with measures such as advertising curbs, taxes, or even bans in the spotlight. The Food Marketing Workgroup, a collection of advocacy organizations, started a chain of events in 2007 that are coming together now. Forbesrecently published […]

Advocates “Fan the Flames” of Progress at Obesity Society Forum

September 21, 2012 — Citing programs such as breast feeding education, salads to schools, menu labeling and procurement, and the new obesity management certification for physicians, a panel of experts at the Obesity Society’s Advocacy Forum today in San Antonio agreed scientists are making progress both in the use of evidence to drive obesity policy and in tackling obesity […]