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Fewer Birth Defects After Bypass Surgery

October 18, 2019 — A new study in JAMA will be quite important for thinking about pregnancy and severe obesity. That’s because pregnancies for women with severe obesity carry a high risk for complications. Birth defects are more common with obesity. They’re also more common with poor glucose control that’s more likely when a pregnant woman has obesity. But […]

Childbirth: Coincidence or Cause for Obesity?

April 26, 2018 — It’s one of those deeply entrenched beliefs. Having a baby can be a trigger for weight gain that’s seemingly impossible to shed. But it begs a question. Does having children increase the risk of obesity for a woman? A new study published in Obesity this week suggests that the answer is no. No Association Between […]

Half-Baked Advice for Mothers

June 13, 2015 — A certain amount of half-baked advice for mothers is being offered in the name of preventing childhood obesity. Two recent publications bring two examples into sharp focus: breastfeeding and Caesarean births. In JAMA Pediatrics this week, Lisa Smithers and colleagues reviewed evidence for an effect of breastfeeding on obesity and intelligence. She notes claims for […]