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Organic Gatorade: Healthy-ish Like Veggie Chips

September 1, 2016 — When nutrition and health meet marketing, the results can be jolting. PepsiCo’s new organic Gatorade concept takes the crown for healthy-ish marketing from Panera (for Clean Food). It’s a greater stroke of evil marketing genius than veggie chips. Truly, PepsiCo is giving the world the quintessential product that no one knew they needed. It’s USDA […]

True Believers in Food Addiction

May 22, 2016 — The popular notion that obesity is caused by some sort of food addiction has a surprising number of true believers. Scientists can’t keep up with public enthusiasm for the concept. Though close to 75% of the public believes that food addiction causes obesity, scientists are having a hard time coming up with a definition of food addiction […]