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The New Order of an Emerging GLP-1 Economy

July 19, 2024 — “If we were just to get a fraction [of potential members] to engage in the way that we do things differently with GLP-1s – it’s an insane opportunity for the company.” These words come from the Life Time chain of fitness clubs about the “Miora” wellness clinics they are now putting inside their facilities. It […]

A Meager Regain in Life Expectancy

December 5, 2023 — Let’s call this a half step. During the pandemic, Americans lost almost two and a half years in life expectancy. Men did worse than women. Now the news from CDC is that in 2022, we got back just a little more than a year of that loss – a meager regain in life expectancy. Jacob […]

Mercy and Grace at Heart in the American Dream

July 4, 2022 — We like to think of America as a place of mercy and grace. In America the Beautiful, Katharine Lee Bates calls on God to shed his grace on this country that celebrates its birth today. But reflecting on these words and current expressions of public values about health and wellbeing, we have to wonder. How […]

Weight Bias in the Paso del Norte

August 4, 2016 — The Paso del Norte region of  Texas and New Mexico is home to one of the largest bilingual, binational workforces in western hemisphere. But new survey research from the Paso del Norte Institute for Healthy Living (IHL) suggests that weight bias plays a role in job opportunities where these two cultures work so closely together. The IHL research found that […]