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3 Risks of Obesity Discrimination for Employers

March 23, 2014 — Obesity discrimination poses growing risks for employers that target obesity in their employment practices. The Risk and Compliance Journal of the Wall Street Journal identified three factors contributing to the increasing risk: Recognition as a disease by the American Medical Association has markedly increased the risks for employers to be sued for workplace discrimination. Previously […]

Three Things Employers Can Do About Obesity

December 23, 2013 — Of the many things employers are doing about obesity, some are creating ill will and controversy. Smart employers are finding better approaches. In a recent interview, ConscienHealth founder and principal Ted Kyle identified three things employers can do that will actually help. Create a healthy work environment. Employees spend most of their waking hours at […]

Hit or Miss: Obesity in Wellness and Health Plans

December 16, 2013 — Wellness and health plans increasingly purport to address obesity, but the the actual experience for people in those plans is a bit of hit or miss. Some plans appear to be thoughtfully designed to encourage people to live the healthiest lives they can. Others not so much — their focus is more on marginalizing people […]

Ted Kyle on MSNBC: 3 Ethical Issues for Wellness Programs

November 26, 2013 — MSNBC examined three ethical issues for wellness programs in a recent segment with ConscienHealth founder Ted Kyle and bioethics professor Mark Rothstein from the University of Louisville. Three ethical issues stood out in the discussion: Personal Privacy. Worker revolts against wellness programs at Penn State and CVS provide very public evidence that people resent employers […]

Three Missing Links for Employers and Obesity

November 25, 2013 — In a thoughtful analysis, the Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) has identified three missing links for employers and obesity. There can be no doubt, obesity has captured and will likely hold the attention of employers. The costs have mounted to a point that prudent businesses can’t ignore them. Employee health leadership from major employers […]

Three Highlights of Tuesday at Obesity Week 2013

November 13, 2013 — Tuesday at Obesity Week 2013 brought a sharp discussion of employer wellness programs, an examination how food technology might help with obesity, and new obesity treatment guidelines with thanks and recognition for Donna Ryan, who helped lead the process. Advocacy Forum: Employer Wellness Programs. A crowd of policy advocates and Obesity Week attendees engaged in […]

Employer Wellness: Carrots, Sticks, and Elevator Speeches

November 13, 2013 — At yesterday’s Obesity Week 2013 Advocacy Forum, an engaged panel explored the potential benefits and pitfalls of employer wellness programs. Obesity Society advocacy advisor Ted Kyle chaired and organized the panel. Joe Nadglowski, president and CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition, kicked off the debate, declaring himself “a skeptic” when it comes to the value of […]

Obesity Week Forum: Employee Wellness or Hellness?

November 6, 2013 — Mark your calendar. On Tuesday during Obesity Week, the Obesity Society Advocacy Committee will sponsor a forum, “Weight Bias, Employment, and Wellness Programs.” Expect a lively discussion because employee wellness programs have generated considerable controversy over the last year. Twice as many employers are expected to start imposing employee wellness penalties next year, so the […]

Obesity Hurts at Work

October 23, 2013 — Obesity hurts at work, and not just because of employment discrimination. A new study in PLOS ONE finally provides prospective, longitudinal evidence that confirms obesity leads to more injuries on the job. Anne Kouvonen and colleagues followed nearly 70,000 public sector employees between 2000 and 2008. Women comprised 80% of this cohort. Obesity led to […]

Penn State Backs Out of Wellness Penalties

September 20, 2013 — Penn State backed out of wellness penalties this week after protests from faculty and employees continued to attract unwanted national attention. President Rodney Erickson announced the change, saying: We have decided to suspend the $100-per-month surcharge so that people who are uncomfortable with any aspect of the survey will not feel as if they are […]